We collect various transportation metrics, from conventional auto-transport to public bus mobility. Seeing this information in near real-time helps connect environmental issues to our other components: the Socioeconomic and Environmental dimensions.


We collect various ecological metrics, from air pollution levels to current reservoir heights. Seeing this information in near real-time helps connect environmental issues to our other components: the Socioeconomic and Transportation dimensions.


From U.S. Census Data to City of Columbus code violations, our socio-economic mapping tool displays the diversity of income levels and economic vitality across Central Ohio. Use layers to better understand how different metrics relate to one another.

COGO Bike Share

Zipping along the streets of Columbus has never been easier! CoGo Bike Share boasts 41 stations and 365 bikes to help you get from point A to point B whenever you need them -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simply check out a bike at any automated bike station, then ride it around from station to station while checking out all Columbus has to offer. When you've reached your destination, just dock your bike at the nearest station to complete your session, and you'll be on your way.

Air Data

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides daily air quality updates for Central Ohio. Every day the Air Quality Index (AQI) tells you how clean or polluted your outdoor air is, along with associated health effects that may be of concern. The AQI translates air quality data into numbers and colors that help people understand when to take action to protect their health. This automated air quality data acquisition and reporting system is operated and maintained by Ohio EPA's Division of Air Pollution Control. Some of these air quality reports are in near real-time and a description of their origin follows the selection of currently available reports.

U.S. Census Data

The American Community Survey helps local officials, community leaders and businesses understand the changes taking place in their communities. It is the premier source for detailed information about the American people and workforce. ACS is an ongoing survey that provides vital information on a yearly basis about our nation and its people. Information from the survey generates data that help determine how more than $400 billion in federal and state funds are distributed each year.

Car2Go | Car-sharing

Wherever you are, there’s a car2go. You can take any of the car2gos you find distributed around the spot or book online 30 minutes before you want to drive. That way you can save yourself the wait and get to your destination faster. At your destination you can either leave the vehicle, or go back to it if you want to drive further. There’s never been such a flexible way to get about!

Water Data

CURIO currently collects water data from stream gauges and depth gauges from the Columbus Region. These streams have public APIs that allow us to periodically collect data and store it in our database. CURIO sends a command to the open API and then parses the answer for the data we are interested in. We have an API (application program interface) through the United States Geological Survey (USGS), providing real-time stream gauge data from Alum Creek, a drinking water reservoir in Deleware County. USGS Water Link (opens new window) Sewer data is also available from the City of Columbus. We provide location data for users to see where city sewer services run, as well as the placement of Combined Sewage Overflows (CSO) in Central Ohio.

Stock Price Data

The 11-county Columbus Region is one of the most dynamic and diverse metropolitan areas in the United States. Central Ohio is known for its talented workforce and great market access, and it's considered a great value for each dollar invested. The area is a major logistics hub. It's also home to the Ohio State University, the state capital of Ohio, a concentration of fashion designers and retail innovators, Honda of America’s manufacturing operations and hotbed of entrepreneurs and high-growth companies. Our economic data comes from a variety of sources. Some of them are realtime data like stock prices. Others are offline data that we download and turn into web pages, maps, and graphs. We use the Yahoo Finance API to gather stock data for the 5 largest companies in Columbus. Below is a link that pulls data for AEP. We programatically parse this data for the closing price and store it in our database.

Price of AEP (Opens new window)

You can find more information about using the Yahoo Finace API here